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Firm Puts Philanthropy Front and Center

Firm Puts Philanthropy Front and Center

The value of teamwork could not be any clearer to Herb Greenberg. When he was a student at City College of New York in 1950, he cheered on a college basketball team that won both the NIT and NCAA tournaments.

There were no superstars, he says, and no player stood taller than 6 feet, 6 inches. Yet the team has gone down in history as the only hoops squad to win both prestigious tournaments in the same year.

“It was one of the best college basketball teams ever put together,” Greenberg says.

Greenberg’s company, Caliper, is helping City College build great teams again. Founded in 1961, Caliper is a human capital management company that works with organizations to select and develop top performers.

Greenberg and Caliper already have endowed a scholarship at City College. Now, the company is offering the university free access to a program called “Campus to Career,” which assists graduating seniors in finding careers that they will find rewarding. The company also is helping the college develop its athletes in the hope that winning teams will draw broader attention to the school, which currently competes in Division III.

“A higher profile might lead more people to take advantage of the opportunities that City College offers,” says Greenberg, who earned both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree there. “CCNY delivers as fine an education as you can get anywhere in the world, but people don’t always realize it.”

In addition to its work with City College, Caliper has developed a program to assist soldiers returning from active duty in finding new jobs, reducing the high rate of unemployment among veterans.

Greenberg describes the donation to CCNY as giving back to a school that set him on a path to lifelong achievement. “The college means so much to me,” he says. “It’s that simple.”

Indeed, Greenberg parlayed his studies at City College into a doctorate in psychology and the launch of Caliper, a widely respected company whose rigorous approach has stood the test of time.

In the early 1960s, Greenberg was asked by an insurance company to develop methods for gauging the sales potential of job applicants. At the time, no existing instruments could predict sales success with any significant degree of accuracy.

Four years of development led to the creation of a comprehensive personality test that Caliper has since refined and used in partnership with more than 28,000 companies in 13 countries. The test has assessed more than 3 million people in management, sales, customer service and even professional sports.

The test is an objective, accurate employee assessment instrument that provides data for measuring potential, personality characteristics, individual motivations, and likely behaviors on the job. The goal is to match people to jobs they will love and where they will become most productive.

“We help companies make sure that everyone is working in a job that suits their natural ability and motivation,” Greenberg says. “Many of our clients today are focused on developing the people they currently have on board, as opposed to hiring new people.”

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